Learn How Detox Diets Can Change Your Health Today!

Detox diets, why  do one?

Well, it’s as simple as this. With the help of good detox diet you will be able to:

  • Lose weight
  • regain your energy
  • improve the clarity of your thinking
  • feel physically well
  • stimulate your immune system
  • heal chronic  health conditions
  • Gain clearer healthy looking glowing skin
  • Have more than enough energy to breeze through your day plus some
  • Remove brain fog
  • Reduces muscles aches ans stiffness
  • Helps bring your digestive system back into  balance
  • And much much more

What is a detoxification process?

It is a term used to remove substances that do not belong in your body. It can mean that through a detox cleanse you may consume foods high in alkaline, to juice fasting. You would also consider increasing your exercise regime or incorporate saunas into your daily routine to assist in better removal of unwanted toxins from your body.


The main organs of detoxification are the liver, skin, kidneys, and intestines. You want to increase the ability of each cell to release more toxins.
Generally these diets are ones in which you eliminate sugars, nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, fats and chemicals. A greater  focus  on eating fresh fruits, vegetables and plenty of water.

Alkaline foods will be beneficial to the body as well, as they restore  the important mineral potassium to your system which can then reactivate digestive enzymes.

Just like in the spring we all have an urge to spring clean our homes, this is also an excellent time to spring cleanse our bodies. Following a  comprehensive proven guided detoxification program can help restore balance to our systems.

A colon cleanse can be done strictly by a four day diet of juicing and water alone. Some people prefer adding a bit of cooked brown rice as well. But most importantly is the juicing regime. You may use cleansing teas if you wish such as red clover, burdock, and dandelion.

Some people experience uncomfortable physical symptoms when doing a cleanse. This depends largely on how toxic your body is to begin with. Always consider your state of health before deciding to begin a cleanse or follow any diet.

Often during detox diets, you may endure a short period when your body is healing when you feel head achy, cold, tired, or irritable. Don’t worry this is actually believe it or not, a good sign. When your body begins to purify your organs are eliminating unwanted debris and getting rid of toxic waste products.

Stay with it though, as in a few days your weakness will be replaced by a feeling of wellbeing and renewed energy . Your body actually begins to require less food, as the foods you eat will begin to assimilate more easily. The walls of your intestine become cleaner and much more  able to absorb nutrients.

I would advise you while on any detox diets, to consume more foods high in alkalinity, more fruits and vegetables and plenty of water.

Bananas, orange juice, dandelion greens, watermelon, spinach, potatoes, and figs are just a few examples of what you should be consuming more of.

Try to maintain overall balance to your life and the rest of your health should just fall into place, while beginning any detox diets.

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