Defend Yourself against Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

stomach painMultiple chemical sensitivity is present for most of us as the dangers of chemical exposure are chronic and play out over a lifetime but for others being surrounded by even the tiniest amounts of toxins can have a debilitating effect.

Known as a 20th-century disease, multiple chemical sensitivity, MCS, this complex condition can make life a constant  trial as the suffer reacts to even the tiniest whiff of a chemical fragrance, solvent, car exhaust, preservatives in food or cosmetics, even the electromagnetic frequency committed by a mobile phone towers or Wi-Fi can cause them great distress.

In some cases the cause can be obvious: a chemical spill or working in a toxic environment for example. But for others the effect is cumulative  where long-term exposure to numerous chemicals meets an especially susceptible immune system.Treatment for such sensitivity is diverse,  but involves immediate removal of all the toxins in the environment, however the condition is controversial with many doctors are unwilling to recognize multiple chemical sensitivity  exists at all.

Symptoms of multiple chemical sensitivity are vague and varied but can include headache and chronic fatigue, dizziness, breathing problems, nausea, hay fever like symptoms, a sore throat, chest pain, muscle pain and stiffness, bloating, itchiness and rashes, difficulty concentrating, memory issues, moodiness, and depression

Take The Plunge And Go Clean and Green

multiple chemical sensitivity to productsMy mother was convinced that unless her cleaning product gave her a headache, it didn’t work, says  Lisa one of my close girlfriends of her mother who had all the latest and best cleaning products under the sink!

The cleaning chemicals we are so familiar with have only been around since the end of the Second World War and in many cases, their effects were viewed as miraculous. The ease of switching from elbow grease to chemical warfare in the kitchen has, however, sadly come at a price.

Asthma has increased significantly and occurs at much higher levels in developed countries, and it’s believed that overuse of anti-bacterial cleaning agents  including  hand wash, may be contributing to the growth of multi-antibiotic resistant bacteria. Many of these anti-germ products contained the EDC triclosan, while other common household cleaners use lung and skin irritants such as ammonia, bleach and solvents.

Use The Time Honored Traditional Cleaners…

To keep your home clean, use traditional cleaners such as bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, soap and lemon juice and hot water, or try some of the many natural cleaning products now available – although please be wary of green wash and carefully read the labels as always.Really, the majority of your home cleaning can be done using good-quality microfibre cloth and some hot water.

Bin the Non–Stick Cookware

non stick cookware,Multiple Chemical Sensitivity ProductsThe world slipperiest substances, fluorinated chemicals are used to waterproof furniture and clothing, in stain proofing carpeting and also to coat non-stick cookware. According to the Environmental Working Group, one of the compounds used to make PFCs such as Teflon causes cancers of the testicles, liver and pancreas and scientists have found during tests, possibly mammary cancer in rodents.Teflon  also disrupts foetal development and affects the immune and the nervous systems.

Exposure occurs when a Teflon pan is overheated, scratched or simply with age as the Teflon coating wears away.

Whilst manufacturers have been forced to phase out the chemical family  of PFOA’s  by 2015, there are concerns about what replacements will be used and whether these will be safe.  Your best practice is to avoid nonstick cookware altogether by using enamel coated iron, stainless steel, ceramic, Pyrex and cast iron pots and pans instead.

Make Sure You Take Care To Filter your water

Brita Everyday Water Filter Pitcher, 10 CupIf you went  on the streets and dug up the  mains pipe feeding water into your house, there is no way you would drink it

Tap water can contain chlorine, fluoride, rust scale, sediments, bugs, bacteria and even traces of prescription drugs.

Depending on what your water pipes are made from, your tap water can also contain lead, copper, chemical stabilizers, and pesticides all of which can have a drastic effect on your health. Unfortunately bore and tank  water can come with their own health risks.

I really think these days that a water filter is not a luxury at all but an absolute necessity. There are simply too many variables out of your control that may affect the water quality you and your family drink every day.

Your choice of water filter will depend on your water source and budget. Brita Water Filters have been around for years and are all about clean and healthy water and create filters to suit your budget. These inexpensive water filters transform ordinary tap water into healthy alkaline water for you and your family. They are leaders in their field of providing clean healthy drinking water solutions.

Open your Windows, do some off Gassing!

off gassing of chemicals,Multiple Chemical Sensitivity TreatmentYour kitchen cupboards, the paint on the walls, the foam in your sofa and kids plastic toys all release volatile organic compounds or VOCs which “off gass” into the air . The  US government guidebook  for healthy homes says the health problems associated with VOCs are many and varied, including :

  • nasal or airway irritation
  • loss of coordination
  • dizziness
  • liver damage
  • kidney damage
  • damage to the central nervous system
  • headaches
  • vomiting
  • drowsiness
  • a general feeling of being unwell.

To me this is frightening list of possible health complications from the chemical off gassing that our homes can produce.

Very little research has been done into the effects of long-term exposure to small amounts of VOC’s such as most of us would experience at home – studies have found the levels of some VOCS to be two to five times higher indoors than  outdoors.

Ventilate your home well by opening doors and windows and allowing fresh air to flow through, boosting your health and wellbeing enormously.

When buying buying furnishings, go for natural, organic fibers or choose secondhand items as VOCs dissipate over time.

Heat speeds release of VOCs, so if you have a new piece of furniture, you may think about putting it out in the sun until it stops smelling for a day or two, being mindful of the weather of course!

When renovating, look for building materials that are pre-dried or quick-drying and use water-based surface coatings.And always read up about the products you are choosing to use as there are so many opportunities to use products that are far more beneficial to our health and are chemical free and lighten the chemical load on our homes and families.

Your Personal Care Products

chemical sensitivity to personal care productsBetween hair-care products, deodorants, moisturizer, sunblock, toothpaste and wearing make up or perfume, it’s quite likely you may be using at least 10 personal care products a day and very possibly up to 200 different chemicals a day!

Both expensive and cheap personal care products can contain petrochemicals and surfectants, both of which can irritate the skin and preservatives such as parabens which are known hormone disruptor’s and are absorbed through the skin.Over a period of time your system becomes overloaded with toxic chemicals, eventuating in multiple chemical sensitivity

A Choice consumer study in 2009 found  all kinds of chemicals in make up, nail polish and other personal care products, many of them banned substances.

These substances included toluene, restricted fragrances, phthalates and coal tar, which is a known carcinogen. It’s also a good idea and recommended you avoid products containing DMDM hydantoin, PEG, Ceteareth and polyethylene glycol.
Wherever possible, look for personal-care products that contain no preservatives, no synthetic fragrances and no SLS, another common surfectant.

Defend Yourself against Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity DisabilityAs its’ virtually impossible to avoid synthetic toxins at all times,  it’s important to build up a solid defence system to help your body deal with any invasions. Here are our 3 tips:

Eating right:

Eat right for your metabolic type and adopting some foundation level health principles are two of the best things you can to detoxify your body of harmful toxins. It gives you metabolic efficiency to release these chemicals from your body.

Genetic Inheritance:

We are  all born with a unique health savings account, which we inherit  from our parents. Ensure you are building your wealth by paying attention to the basic  foundations of good health which are : good nutrition and digestion, getting enough sleep and sunlight and by reducing the chemicals in your immediate environment as much as possible.

This will allow your efficient liver, digestive system  and cells to do their job  and remove toxins from your system.

Avoid gluten and improve gut health.

By avoiding gluten and improving your gut health, your gut should act as a funnel not a sieve. A healthy digestive system helps us to effectively remove toxins from our bodies,  a ‘leaky’ gut does the opposite. Make sure you include cruciferous  vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli  in your diet. These great foods contain indole-3-carbinol, a subtance that has been shown to help remove excessive estrogens from your body. This helps you to deal more effectively  with xeno- oestrogens in the environment and helps to defend yourself against Multiple Chemical Sensitivity . I do hope all these ideas have helped you in your search to become free of chemicals and help your life and health come back into balance again

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