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Healthy Living Through Holistic Healing

As its name implies, holistic healing deals with the “whole” person. Its approach is to treat the body as a whole and integrated system. The word “healing” has its roots in the Greek holos the same word that has given us “whole” or “holistic”. Whether you are concerned with being healthy, moving towards greater health, […]

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Discover The Astonishing Health Benefits Of A Healthy Sauna

A healthy sauna might just be your answer, when looking for an ultimate way to boost your immune system. These unique saunas are known for their extreme health benefits. Even helping to assist in keeping the common cold at bay. They are becoming more and more popular as people begin to learn all the information […]

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Discover The Hidden Dangers of Hair Color Allergy

During my four year struggle with severe allergic reactions to hair color allergy, I have learned alot of information in which I am about to share with you today. Coconut is a natural oil that your hair will love ! Paying close attention to the active ingredient in color PPD, or also known as paraphenylenediamine, […]

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Cleaning With Herbs

Cleaning with herbs, can be a healthy, refreshing way to clean your home. Free of harsh chemicals and additives. Growing them in pots in your home can add a nice appearance to your space, or growing them in your herb gardens is nice as well in the nicer weather. These fragrant beauties can be used […]

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The Benefits Of Chemical Free Hot Tubs

Discover the health benefits of chemical free hot tubs. Choosing to use a product that is completely natural is a  safe and healthy alternative to traditional spa and hot tub care products packed full of harmful chemicals out there today. This is a very wise  decision to make when thinking of the health of your […]

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Chemical Free Cleaning With Natural Products

Chemical free cleaning is truly an easy way to achieve a clean home, that is healthier, looks and feels good, and smells wonderful to with natural cleaning products. While cleaning helps reduce dust, allergens, and infectious agents that can make you sick, many commercial cleaning products contain ingredients that can be harmful to your health. […]

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Artificial Sweeteners

The first artificial sweetener, saccharin, was discovered merely by accident in 1879 when Constantin Fahlberg, a John Hopkins scientist, who was working on a coal-tar derivatives, noticed a substance on his hands and arms, and decided to lick it. Then noticed it was sweet. An attempt in 1911 was made to ban the sweetener by […]

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