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A Morning Ritual

The early morning is such a valuable time for serenity and solitude. It’s a perfect time to spend some time alone and enjoy the present moment. Make some time for yourself to cultivate inner peace and to set your intention for a wonderful day ahead. Dedicate 10 minutes in the morning for the following chakra […]

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Laugh for a healthy chemical free life and boost good feeling endorphins

5 Chemical Free Tips To Trick Yourself Healthy

Have you wondered what you can do to give yourself a chemical free boost and feel better without resorting to other means? These are clever little tips we have stumbled upon in our quest for chemical free living and would like to share with you, we want to help you boost your mood and creativity […]

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chemical sensitivity small

Defend Yourself against Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Multiple chemical sensitivity is present for most of us as the dangers of chemical exposure are chronic and play out over a lifetime but for others being surrounded by even the tiniest amounts of toxins can have a debilitating effect. Known as a 20th-century disease, multiple chemical sensitivity, MCS, this complex condition can make life […]

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Our chemical free world small

5 Ways to Reduce Your Chemical Load

There’s no doubt  we live in a chemical world and we offering you 5 ways to help reduce your chemical load. A 2013 study by Canadian action group Environmental Defense found up to 121 chemicals in the cord blood of newborn babies, including now-banned PCB s, perfluorinated chemicals used in nonstick coating and organochlorine pesticides. […]

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Clean water

Brita Water Filters Nourish Your Life And Your Family

“Pure Clean Water is Essential!” Brita Water water filters are gaining popularity around America and Canada as awareness of the importance of essential clean fresh healthy drinking water grows. As the damage from fracking, industrial pollution, chemical overuse and more increases and impacts our water supplies, we do have an option to look after our […]

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stinging nettles

The Amazing Benefits Of Wild Stinging Nettles

Wild stinging nettles is one of nature’s raw foods. This amazing little weed, that often annoys people holds many health benefits unknown to mankind! The wild stinging nettle plant is a native to Europe, and the United States. This perennial has been used for treating anemia due to it’s high iron content, it is also […]

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What Is Stevia

What is stevia sugar ? It is a better alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Stevia is often used for people looking to lead a more healthier lifestyle. Or for those people suffering from diabetes. Stevia is derived from a plant in the chrysanthemum family. Grown primarily in South America and Asia. The plants intense […]

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organic bed linen

Organic Linens

If you’ve ever gotten into a bed made with organic linens you will immediately notice the difference. Their silky smooth feel is unmatchable. And surprisingly enough it is never an issue to wash your linens over and over, as their high quality ingredients make it possible for them to withstand repeated washes. In fact the […]

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Natural Candles

Discover why natural candles are a healthy choice, rather then their counterparts. The ingredients used for these more commonly sold candles, include such toxic mixtures as paraffin wax. It is a known fact that paraffin wax is a by product of petroleum. Not something you would generally consider bringing into your home. Researchers have discovered […]

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Mindful Meditation For Your Body And Soul

Mindful meditation for inner peace Mindful meditation is the art of looking inside one selves, and discovering your own inner being. It leads us to to a totally new inner experience, while allowing us to transform our day to day life into a more meaningful and fulfilling existence. A sauna can be a great place […]

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living a chemical free life

Reasons To Start Living Chemical Free

“Living chemical free, what does it really mean?” It means to live consciously and mindfully and to live as healthy as you possibly can. Reducing your carbon foot print during the process, and protecting your families health and the planet. Pure essential oils are awesome to add to your water to freshen your home. Discover […]

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How To Build A Spa

Learn how to build a spa. If you are one of those DO-IT-YOURSELFERS then you have come to the right spot. Here you’ll find information on how to build a custom built spa. Saving you up to 80% off the cost of buying retail. Even novice do it yourselfers are able to achieve awesome results. […]

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House Plants and Your Health

Did you know that virtually all house plants are powerful air cleaners? Through entrance of the leaves on the plants, carbon dioxide gets in and through complex chemical reactions, the process called photosynthesis takes place. Then oxygen is released into the air. In essence the plant acts like a filter by removing pollutants from the […]

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