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Does Yoga Really Help with Depression?

Depression, anxiety, insomnia are all related to varying degrees. Studies are clearly showing exercise in the form of yoga is more naturally beneficial than any OTC or prescribed drug. Yoga naturally increases feel good endorphins, encourages deep breathing & all over relaxation, plus it’s the perfect chemical free way to beat the blues without the […]

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closeup of a young caucasian doctor man in a white coat showing a signboard with the text multiple chemical sensitivity written in it

How to Identify Symptoms and Triggers of Chemical Sensitivities

Chemical sensitivity is a growing issue and often the medical profession is hard pressed to diagnose why you feel poorly, ill and run down. Sensitivities to chemicals have major repercussions for those who are affected by them. Depending on the severity of the sensitivity, sufferers may find themselves totally unable to live and work in […]

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9 Ways To Help Your Body Relax, Heal And Restore Well Being Today

Taking care of your body isn’t the only factor in achieving health on many levels. Finding inner peace is also key. After sweeping your kitchen clean of inflammatory foods which trigger hives, cause allergies, inflammation and gut issues, you can use the following tools to help you succeed in your self care plan while helping […]

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Latest Chemical Free Fitness And Diet Tips for Teens

In a world of fast foods laden with chemicals and high sugar content, it can be hard to keep your teenage children eating and drinking healthy foods. The downside of overeating or binging is becoming overweight or obese and the long term consequences are not good. These 11 simple tips help keep your teen keep […]

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Thin Skin Thick Skin On Fruits And Vegetables

4 Vital Tips How to Make Sure Your Produce is Toxin-Free

How do you know if the produce you are buying is chemical free and organic? Emily shares her 4 vital tips to help you choose the healthiest fruits, vegetables and meat for your family. And, if you can’t afford to buy organic food, she has some advice on how to reduce the impact of toxic […]

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natural cleaning products

9 Natural Cleaning Products and Recipe Tips For Your Home

With more and more information alerting us to how toxic our once trusted cleaning products are, is it any wonder we are looking for safe, greener options?? Rather than buy expensive supermarket brands why not try my time tested recipes using natural ingredients to keep your home fresh naturally:)

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what to feed chickens for organic eggs

How To Get Organic Eggs From Chickens At Home

After seeing how much joy those wonderfully individual chickens brought our friends, we thought we would share our 101 Guide to How To Get Organic Eggs From Chickens in your backyard. Raising free range chickens for eggs is an adventure your whole family can enjoy

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What Is Alcohol Addiction And Steps To Take To Heal Yourself

Did you know alcohol is based on the chemical compound Ethanol? The very same ethanol used in fuel for your car? Alcohol is an accepted drug in society and when used in excess consumption has serious repercussions. Alcoholism could be described as an allergy of the body. For some people, alcohol is merely a quick […]

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Chemical Free Carpet Care That Doesn’t Cost The Earth

My lovely friend Jessie wanted to share her experience in combating pet hair, asthma and allergies to pets and how she found a solution. The solution which meant asthma, allergies, children, adults and pets were all catered for and lived happily ever after… Over to Jessie. They say that necessity is the root of all […]

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Reached A CrossRoads In Your Life? Here’s How To Get Back On Track

Life’s Turning Points…. Turning Points: when you’re at a crossroads in Life and wondering which way to turn… Simply stop, take a deep breath and maybe a notepad and ask yourself some soul searching questions. The moment you make the decision to commit to a change, the fabric of your reality and existence alters forever. […]

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Learn About Food Additives And Their Hidden Dangers

Food additives are  a major problem in our society today. More then 3000 + substances are  added to foods for the purpose of preservation, coloring , texture, increase flavor  and improve shelf life. While each one  is legal to use, the question is, are they safe to  consume? The answer is a resounding NO! Read […]

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fitness and lifestyle concept - woman walking outdoors

10 Happy Health Benefits Of Walking You’ll Love

Did you know walking is one of the easiest and cost effective ways to exercise, burn fat, tone legs, calves and glutes, feel good, shift a low mood, make new friends, explore your neighborhood and stay healthy to boot? Research by the Harvard Medical School is pointing out just how good your daily walk can […]

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