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Salsa dip

Healthy Salsa

Tempt your taste buds with this healthy, organic salsa recipe, using organic ingredients found right in your backyard garden. Assuring you and your family that you are getting the healthiest choice when it comes to homemade salsa. Salsa Recipe 3 1/2 quart heaping basket of tomatoes 1 large Spanish onion 4 jalapeno peppers ( use […]

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chocolate truffles

100 Healthy Raw Snacks To Make Yourself

 100 Healthy Raw Snacks And Treats Written by Author Carolyn Hansen (This article was submitted by one of Carolyn Hansen’s fans of her books.) I defy anyone who gets a case of the munchies to tell me that their willpower alone will be enough to ensure that they don’t reach for the cookie jar or […]

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Healthy Fruit Roll Ups

These fruit roll ups give you a whole new twist on taste! Made with 100% fruit, with no additives, this tasty snack will soon become your families favorite as well. I make these for my husband and I, but mostly our boys absolutely adore them. I know what I am giving them is a true […]

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Recipe For Carrot Juicing

Why Carrot Juice ? For me carrot juicing is a part of my  daily beauty and self care regime. I feel better, look better and my body responds better when I consume this juice each day. Our recipe has basically stayed the same over the years, with a few minor changes here and there. We […]

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Healthy Fruit Cake Cookies

These fruit cake cookies are so tasty you will hardly believe that they are filled with healthy ingredients that are sugar free, dairy free, and wheat free as well. My friend Ann Marie and I stumbled upon this recipe when we were doing our Christmas raw baking last week. We took a raw oatmeal cookie […]

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Raw Recipes For Health

Raw Cinnamon Bagels When looking for raw recipes on a raw food diet, you should always have excellent resources at your finger tips for such things as breads and snacks. These bagels are easy to make and have ingredients in them that just may surprise you and whilst they don’t look like traditional bagels, these […]

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Recipes For A Raw Lifestyle

A raw lifestyle is a process when you begin this journey. For me it began with a few recipes and now it has transcended into a way of life for my husband and I. I must admit as much as the raw food lifestyle has a hold of me,I eat about 85% raw each day. […]

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