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Healthy Carrot Muffins

Indulge in these amazing healthy carrot muffins, using the pulp from your juicer as the main ingredient. These muffins are a healthy alternative to homemade baking. By using organic ingredients,  these tasty treats are an excellent choice to make for your family. The following recipe is one my husband Ray came up with after juicing […]

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Sugar Free Protein Balls

I found this super simple recipe on our calendar. The protein balls work a treat and once you have made them, you can get creative and add other ingredients in…such as cacao nibs, goji berries or dried strawberries for some zing!

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Coconut And Banana Energy Bars

This is a delicious and nourishing energy bar snack which is perfect for any occasion and especially for children’s lunch boxes for a healthy and filling treat at school. The slice takes all of 15 minutes to whip up and you can get the kids involved in making it too… Feel free once you have […]

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apricot and coconut balls

Dried Apricot, Date and Coconut Balls You Can’t Stop Eating

These Raw Dried Apricot, Date and Coconut Ball are gluten free and make 22 small balls that I can guarantee will disappear so fast you won’t be able to believe your eyes! These magical, taste bud tickling treats are ones everyone loves and can eat… This is such a nutrient-dense snack which doesn’t have any […]

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Banana date and oat slice small

Banana, Oat and Dried Fruit Lunchbox Slice

This Banana, Oat and Dried Fruit Slice is low gluten and dairy free Makes 16 slices This is a delicious, not-too-sweet treat. It’s gorgeously chewy with lots of moist fruit in it, so make sure to store it in a cool place or in the fridge when the weather is hot. 1 cup finely chopped […]

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stinging nettles

The Amazing Benefits Of Wild Stinging Nettles

Wild stinging nettles is one of nature’s raw foods. This amazing little weed, that often annoys people holds many health benefits unknown to mankind! The wild stinging nettle plant is a native to Europe, and the United States. This perennial has been used for treating anemia due to it’s high iron content, it is also […]

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What Is Stevia

What is stevia sugar ? It is a better alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Stevia is often used for people looking to lead a more healthier lifestyle. Or for those people suffering from diabetes. Stevia is derived from a plant in the chrysanthemum family. Grown primarily in South America and Asia. The plants intense […]

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Tomatoes Stuffed with Feta

Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

Try these mouth watering vegetarian stuffed peppers. Best made when peppers are fresh from your backyard garden. Using good quality organic ingredients ensures the best taste available. You can make this super easy main dish and freeze it for later use. Or just whip up a batch today and indulge your taste buds today! This […]

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Vegan Chocolate Cream Pie

This vegan chocolate cream pie was first introduced to our family at our annual vegan pot luck dinner we had a month or so ago. Our friend Annmarie delighted us all with this wonderful recipe. This recipe was inspired by her son Micheal. Made with the goodness of avocado’s, and the sweetness of organic vegan […]

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Healthy Vegan Cauliflower Dish

This vegan cauliflower dish will tempt your taste buds time and time again. It’s super easy and uses very little ingredients. Can be served any night as a main course on your families dinner table. Surprise your guests and take it to your next pot luck dinner affair. Were always looking for new main dishes […]

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Healthy Vegan Baked Beans

This vegan baked beans recipes will be tempting your taste buds for years to come. It’s super easy to prepare, using ingredients generally found in your pantry. It is best served with warm fresh bread as a complete meatless meal. I bet you will be adding this recipe to your families favorite list as we […]

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Raw Spaghetti And Raw Sauce

Raw spaghetti and sauce is a super easy, healthy meal to serve your family for dinner tonight! It’s loaded with wholesome ingredients such as, zucchini, baby turnip,sweet potatoes, fresh tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes and herbs. I can assure you that this will become a favorite in your household as it has in ours. This recipe […]

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raw fudge

Raw Snacks, Mouthwatering Fudge

Raw snacks are essential for having on hand when following a raw food lifestyle. Knowing you can “indulge” once in a while in a sinful treats makes this lifestyle rewarding. When you discover this mouthwatering fudge that is raw, is made with organic almonds, raw coconut oil, and unsweetened carob powder, you will begin to […]

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