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Digestive Pain: Healing Digestion Easily

Digestive pain can easily be affected by consuming the wrong types of foods¬† and consuming too much food at one time. I know this first hand as I struggled with this problem for a many years.¬† Late nights, no sleep, lots of abdominal pain, I had it all and I was despairing of ever having […]

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depressive mood disorder

Natural Healing Remedies & Techniques for Depression

Depression is a very serious condition and must be dealt with using qualified people to guide you. This illness is very real, the complex factors surrounding it are, chemical imbalances, stress, genetic, and environmental. A psychiatrist once explained to me, that a person suffering from depression becomes depressed when their serotonin levels drop, and without […]

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the dangers of statin

The Dangers Of Statin Drugs

Statin drugs are no doubt making headlines today! Researchers have discovered some serious side effects affecting those taking this drug then ever before. The hottest selling statin drugs on the market now are Lipitor and Zocor. They lower cholesterol by blocking the Co enzyme HMG CoA redutase. These drugs were first introduced in 1987, and […]

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