Rejuvenate And Take A Bath In Essential Oils To Restore You


Bath in essential oils and you will see for yourself how truly relaxing this can be. The added fragrance of  the lovely oils on your skin and you are  on your way to  de-stressing your soul. An hour for yourself where you close the door on the world and the demands of life…..  Light a candle, play your favorite music softly, some delicious nibblies, perhaps a good book to read as well. And slide your body into soothing rejuvenating hot water to restore nourish and rejuvenate the amazing person you are:)

Busy, Busy, Busy…

Whether you work out of a busy office or from your home, stress is bound to find you. Deadlines, ringing telephones, children,home life, traffic jams, chores and errands can all take their toll by the end of the day.

Treat Yourself… You Are Worth it

So instead of “winding down” with a martini, or by becoming mesmerized by the television why not re-energize and treat yourself to a rejuvenating and healing essential oils session whether it be in your warm flower strewn bath or in an oil burner as you potter around the house?

On of my favorite things to do is use my oil burner with a specific oil to lift my emotions or ease a situation. My children, especially Darcy loves choosing an oil and soon the scent wafts throughout the house. We love our essential oils 🙂

The Bathtub Is The Ultimate Home Spa Experience For A Spot Of Self Pampering

Try slipping into something relaxing and comfortable such as your bath, and bath in essential oils. The bathtub is quite the simple invention many of us take for granted. Usually we end up opting to turn on the shower head and wash and rinse off as quickly as possible to get on with our day. And out the door we go….

DIY Spa Time…

Your bath can be used for a “do it yourself” at home spa experience. A perfect way to help with stress reduction and a natural healing session, all by having a bath in essential oils to help with this form of relaxation.

Your Special Time To Unwind, Relax and Rejuvenate…

The idea of healing your body, mind and soul in the bath is not a new concept. In fact few knew it better than the ancient Romans. Beginning with an oil massage, and then some exercise time, most Romans spent their afternoon relaxing at the public bath, either reading, or socializing.

After a visit to the steam room of the caldarium, it was time for their actual bath. First in hot water, then a final rinse in the frigidarium. Yes you guessed it, a plunge in the cold water brrrrr…….!

Greeks and Turks Practiced The Art Of Healing Bathing Too…

Like the Romans, the Greeks and Turks used bathing as a healing tool as well. In the centuries to follow, Europe got into action by creating luxurious spas throughout their country.

Bathing With Essential Oils Soothes Your Soul, Soothes Your Body

So what can a soak or a bath in essential oils do for you? Firstly, just the essential oils alone, add to the experience, and then secondly just locking that bathroom door and enjoying complete solitude while immersed in warm water can calm your mind, create balance, and soothe your emotions.

Soothing baths can ease muscle strain, increase circulation, reduce hemorrhoids, and relieve arthritis. Try a few drops of your favorite essential oils in the bath as well.

Benefits Of Taking a Cold Bath… Brrrr!

Cold baths however work in other ways, relieving itchy skin, helps with mild depression, asthma, and revs up your libido, and may improve low sperm count.

Add a Cup Of Sea Salts…

epsoak-epsom-salt-19-75-lbs-100-pure-magnesium-sulfate-made-in-usaAnother nice addition to the bath are magnesium rich sea salts. As they contain the highest mineral concentration of all other substances on the planet. Particularly those from the Red Sea.

Sea salts are high in potassium and magnesium which help to retain moisture and yield anti- inflammatory properties as well.

Your body loses a lot of magnesium when you are stressed and what better way than to absorb a magnesium hit through your skin as you have a lovely long soak in the bath. You’ll find you feel soooo relaxed after your bath and I know you’ll sleep extra well. I always do- its my Sunday evening ritual!

Go On, Take An Hour Of You Time For A Little Self Love!

A bath in pure essential oils is a wonderful regime to add to your daily schedule. The soft feel of the oils, and the invigorating scents from the oils, are a very relaxing addition. The oils disperse in the water and their scent will be released all the while nourishing your skin. Be careful just to use a few drops of oil in your bath, as I know this from experience, that if you use to many it can burn your skin.

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