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Backyard gardens, well they’re really quite simple……For those of you following a frugal lifestyle, it’s the only way to go. Plus having access to healthy vegetables daily is a bonus!

You will want to begin with getting a space ready when growing backyard gardens. You either want a strong back, or to borrow a rototiller from someone. Buying one is expensive, but even if you don’t have someone you can borrow one from, there is always the option to rent one for the day.

But regardless of the way it’s done, you must prepare your ground for gardening. Remove all unwanted roots and weeds from your space. Start with a reasonable size for your first attempt. You don’t want this project to be overwhelming. Once your area is prepared you may want to fold some of your compost soil you have made in your compost tumbler, or manure if you happen to have a place you can access some . This ensures you that the soil gets proper nutrients when growing a garden. This step should be repeated each year to have good results in your growing season.

Now in our home, my husband is the gardener by far. I am the lucky lady who gets to go out after all the sweat and labor intensive work is complete, and help plant the seeds. But I will assure you that hard work IS involved in the beginning when getting the garden ready for planting. Then there is always the weekly task of weeding that is necessary to have a successful garden.

vegetable gardenObviously if you are following a frugal lifestyle you will want to save seeds year after year, thus preventing spending money buying seeds. You may want to look soon for my upcoming article on saving seeds and starting seedling plants yourself.

My hubby made us a wonderful grow light system, he is a builder by trade so for him this process came quite easily. However if you don’t happen to live with a “handyman”, then I believe with a little digging I have found just the answer for you.

When you are starting your seedling you get such a wonderful head start if you are able to use a grow light system. They encourage growth of your baby plants and speed the process up so that you will be ready for planting outside that much sooner.

At this point of gardening you will want to have a plan. Or have had a plan underway on what you want to grow in your backyard gardens. Some of the super easy things to grow are peas, beans and lettuce. Peas and lettuce can be planted earlier then the rest. After any fear of frost has left that is. These varieties are tough and don’t mind a bit of chilly weather.

You can set you garden up with raised beds. These type of gardens usually yield less weeds and look quite attractive. However for a beginner a standard basic garden is fine.

Our garden consists of the good old family favorites. Things like rhubarb, asparagus, and garlic come year after year and require little maintenance.

swiss chardAn interesting type of garlic isΒ  Organic Elephant Garlic a delicious addition to your families recipes.

Other such vegetables as green and yellow beans, peas, lettuce. Also cucumbers and tomatoes which grow quite nicely and yield amazing sweet results. There is nothing quite like a vine ripe tomato when in season to satisfy your palette.

Carrots and beets are common in gardens as well. Root vegetables are great for storing in your cold room all winter long. To eat when it’s cold and snowy outside and your gardening season has come to an end., other then your day dreaming in your seed catalogs.

Potatoes are a no nonsense vegetable for beginner when growing your backyard gardens. We just wait until our potatoes have sprouted and then my husband cuts the sprouts off and plants them in hills in our garden. Make sure you buy organic potatoes if you are going to use your own sprouts to plant.

So that there is no fear of chemicals and pesticides. Once your potato plants have grown you just leave them be, making sure to remove any potato bugs from the plant and VIOLA, in the fall you will be able to dig under the plants and see for yourself small, medium and large potatoes, simply delectable to your taste buds.

organic cornVegetables such as beans and lettuce may be planted more then once in a season. As they germinate and grow quickly. But watch out when your bean crop arrives.

You will steadily be picking, eating, pickling, and blanching to freeze down beans. A couple of good size bean rows yields a tremendous supply of delicious, nutritious beans for your families meals.

As you start growing your backyard gardens you can be a little more adventurous if you wish, and plant things such as kale, swiss chard, spinach, and peppers. The skies the limit when deciding what to grow. Squash and zucchini plants are fun and quickly spread their vines all over the ground creating loads of vegetables to eat.

So just sit back and observe one of the wonders of nature, turning seeds into plants and plants into food. It’s a fun, great exercise. That turns a hobby into a reward you are sure to get plenty of enjoyment from. So get out there and start growing your backyard gardens and see for yourself what I mean!

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