Abdominal And Back Pain

Abdominal and back pain started to control my life. It seemed I was having bouts of this each and everyday. After countless hours spent in doctors offices, and the emergency room, I think with the help of some people like you sharing their story I have some answers!

Of course after a while I assumed the worst. This pain was making me sweat, and giving me chills, actually sending me to bed it was so bad. At the emergency room they took blood, urine samples, did ultra sounds, stool sample, and x-rays. Still nothing showed up. It was frustrating.

They were looking for the most common signs of back pain. Urinary tract infection, kidney infection, kidney stones, cysts on the ovaries, gallbladder problems, fibroids, and irritable bowel syndrome to name a few. The problem with women and abdominal pain is that everything is so close together down there, it can be a number of problems, and they must all be investigated.

It occurred to me after a while that constipation could  trigger these bouts of pain as well, as I was having problems going everyday. This was  not like me, as we live as vegetarians and are quite regular with our bowel movements everyday.

I spent a lot of time with rice bags and heating pads on both front and back of me. I also started taking Tylenol and Advil when the pain hit and I drank an entire bottle of pink pepto bismol in less then a week. ANYTHING to help with this pain.

A Little Help From My Friends…

One day I was working in my fabric design studio and the pain hit really bad again. I was actually trying to reach my design clients to cancel but was unsuccessful in doing this. Of course the  two ladies arrive right on time and I told them about my pain. Because I was sharing, they starting sharing their story to.

Turns out both of them were familiar with these symptoms and had either experienced them or had a friend who had. They mentioned diverticulitis. It is when the small pouch like sack in your intestines gets plugs up with seeds and such. And this severe pain evolves. Infection sets in and trouble lies ahead.

They told me to go on liquids right away, such as fresh carrot juice and broths to clear my bowels. They mentioned a specific fibre blend which they swore by to get things going, so that afternoon I ordered it in. A few days later it arrived in the mail and I took it not once, but twice. After a few days I began to have much more regular bowel movements and amazingly, my back pain began to disappear.

We use  it everyday and the benefits  are marvelous. I have regained normal bowel movements, ( I can’t tell you have magical this is), I have more energy and my stomach isn’t distended, painful and bloated.  Everyone should use a fibre cleanse each and every day to keep things cleared up.

Within a few hours of taking this fibre blend, my bowels started to really move. In fact I had never seen a larger one come out of me then that day. My pain went away. I continued this liquid diet with rice and easy to digest foods as well, and within days my abdominal and back pain had vanished just like that! I couldn’t believe it.

In reality, Diverticulitis is not the “disease” at all.

It’s actually a “symptom” – an outward “signal” – of a damaged inner terrain that simply is too polluted, toxic, and acidic!

So you can see now how important diet and lifestyle really are. Juicing for me has literally saved me from visits to my doctor and healed my body.

Read more here about the benefits juicing

I think because the emergency room had given me two rounds of heavy duty antibiotics for bladder and kidney infections it saved me from it becoming worse. It no doubt helped rid my body of the infection that happens when these little pouches get plugged up with such things as seeds and nuts.

I share this story with you only in the hopes that it could help others out there suffering from abdominal and back pain the way I did. And getting no answers at all from the medical team. It took caring people like you to share their story so that I could get answers to my severe pain and begin to live normal again. Please share your story with us, I would love to hear from you!

Important Update

I want to share an important update with my readers. To my surprise, diverticulitis, and irritable bowel syndrome, shared many of the same symptoms. These two conditions are very hard to tell apart, in my opinion. For me I have been watching  my diet closely to determine what better results I am receiving.

And it will be in this way that I find out which foods and food combinations  works best for me. For now, I am feeling much better, and taking things slowly. By introducing a few new foods each week, and waiting to see how my body responds, I have discovered I can make a big difference to my personal health and I know if I can do it, you can do and I hope I can encourage you also :):)

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