3 Easy DIY Chemical Free Toothpaste Recipes

Creating Delicious, Chemical Free Toothpaste is Easy

The most common toxic ingredients found in conventional toothpastes, can include sodium fluoaride, synthetic dyes derived from petroleum or coal tar, sodium hydroxide (also known as lye or caustic soda), titanium dioxide, sodium lauryl sulfate, , artificial sweeteners, and triclosan – might make us think twice about the products we use for cleaning our teeth. Even though we may not be actually swallowing the toothpaste residue, it’s unavoidable that a small amount will slip down our throat from time to time. Given that most of us will brush our teeth over 700 plus times a year, there’s no lack of opportunity to absorb these toxic ingredients. Scary isn’t it?  You will love our 3 easy DIY chemical free toothpaste recipes! There is no reason not to make your own natural toothpaste. The most controversial of all the ingredients is fluoride. Even if fluoride has been proven to cause neurotoxicity, there is very little published research on acute fluoride poisoning and neuro-toxicity in adults and children. A study published in Neurologia found prolonged ingestion of fluoride may cause significant damage to health and particularly to the nervous system.

It’s time to get clever and create your own chemical free toothpaste that will leave your breath minty clean.

Organic Chemical Free Toothpaste, best chemical free toothpaste

Make Your Own Chemical Free Toothpaste Recipes

Recipe #1
• 1 teaspoon baking soda
• 1/2 teaspoon sea salt, finely ground
• 1 drop of peppermint, clove, or citrus pure essential oil
• 10 drops peppermint, clove, or citrus pure essential oil
• A few drops of water

Recipe #2
• 6 teaspoon baking soda
• 1/4 teaspoon 3% hydrogen peroxide
• 2 tablespoons coconut oil (must be liquid)
• 10 drops peppermint, clove, or citrus pure essential oil

Recipe #3
• 5 parts calcium-magnesium powder
• 2 parts baking soda
• 3 parts xylitol powder – This ingredient is not completely necessary, but just keeps it from tasting bitter. (NB: While xylitol is safe for people at the recommended dose, it is very poisonous to dogs in small amounts so please keep it out of reach of pets.)
• 2-5 parts coconut oil to get your required texture
•  Essential oils for flavor (mint, cinnamon, and orange are all good), myrrh and grapefruit seed extract  all add a pleasant flavor.

You can use either a teaspoon or tablespoon, depending on how large a  batch of chemical free toothpaste you would like to make.

1. Mix together all powdered ingredients  in a glass or china bowl. If you are starting with tablets, grind them with a mortar and pestle. If you are using capsules, break them open into the bowl.

2. Add oil one part at a time until you get desired consistency.

3. Add any optional ingredients, including essential oils for flavor.

4. Store in small container like 1/2 pint glass jar. Use a Popsicle stick or spoon to put the paste on your toothbrush. NB: As with any product that contains essential oils, keep these toothpastes out of reach of any young child who might mistake the toothpaste for food. All Natural Toothpaste, toothpaste without chemicals

Our 3  Chemical Free Toothpaste Recipes Leave a Nice Taste…

If you make your own natural toothpaste, you  not only save $$$, you can also keep your whole family healthy, especially children as they are not so good at spitting out toothpaste residue, and keep your mouth fresh and nice tasting by leaving the toxic chemicals behind. Why not spend an afternoon with your girlfriends and have a toothpaste making afternoon tea party…? If you have your own favorite chemical free toothpaste recipe, we would love to hear from your recipe:) If you enjoy making your own natural organic personal care products, we have some great recipes for all natural facial masks and facial scrubs.   Have an outstanding day, claire         .

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