10 Ways To Reduce Food Waste

reduce food wastage

Have you ever stopped to think about food waste ? Have you ever stopped to think about how much food you might waste in a week and how to prevent food waste? It’s an interesting exercise, because, while we may think that we are actually quite frugal , you may find that once you actually sit down and look at your food habits, you can actually save a lot of money and find easy ways to prevent food waste. Every more »

5 Chemical Free Tips To Trick Yourself Healthy

Laugh for a healthy chemical free life and boost good feeling endorphins

Have you wondered what you can do to give yourself a chemical free boost and feel better without resorting to other means? These are clever little tips we have stumbled upon in our quest for chemical free living and would like to share with you, we want to help you boost your mood and creativity with these short and fun tips. Going chemical free and thinking healthy living is easier than you think! Chemical Free Living, Simple Tips To Boost more »

6 Weird DIY Home Remedies

chew small

Whether it’s passed down from grandma or picked up on Google, it seems everyone has a handy hint to combat ailments. Weird and Wonderful folk remedies have been around for as long as humanity has been around and delving back into old medical tomes, you can read about the weird and wonderful treatments that were immensely popular in their day, but which we now know, quite simply do not work! Here are 6 of the more weird and popular DIY more »

Banana, Date And Walnut Muffins

banana date and walnut muffins small

Power snacks are a great way to fuel your body the right way with snacks which contain a balance of quality protein, carbohydrates and good fats. Kids and adults alike will love these yummy muffins and if your kids love cooking in the kitchen, as ours do, then these are doubly rewarding to make. They take no time at all to make and can be whipped up in an instant when you need quick and healthy snack. Enjoy! Banana, Date more »

215+ Natural Organic Remedies For Health

Every day roots Book Cover small

Why We Need These Books And Natural Organic Remedies If you had asked me a few years ago what I knew about natural products and natural organic remedies for health, I would have stared back at you with a blank expression. Natural? I thought everything in the world was natural. After all, even processed items had to start out somewhere. I was pretty sure not everything was originally dirt but at least as natural as it. Well, was I ever more »

The Power Of An Encouraging Word: Make A Difference

random acts of kindness

Our local school posted a wonderful and thought provoking article in this weeks  newsletter on the courage to be an individual and the  life changing power of words of encouragement and kindness. These are all qualities we aspire to, many times we live them in our everyday lives. The power of an encouraging word can make all the  difference to sad and lonely little child feeling left out at school, to help an older person feel needed and important and more »

3 Easy DIY Chemical Free Toothpaste Recipes

homemade toothpaste small

Creating Delicious, Chemical Free Toothpaste is Easy The most common toxic ingredients found in conventional toothpastes, can include sodium fluoaride, synthetic dyes derived from petroleum or coal tar, sodium hydroxide (also known as lye or caustic soda), titanium dioxide, sodium lauryl sulfate, , artificial sweeteners, and triclosan – might make us think twice about the products we use for cleaning our teeth. Even though we may not be actually swallowing the toothpaste residue, it’s unavoidable that a small amount will more »

Natural Home Remedies for 5 Common Ailments: Part 1

vintage tooth powder small

Home Remedies for you. Common ailments are often so trivial that we rarely bother going to a doctor,  most eventually clear up on their own. Still, they can be annoying, embarrassing or temporarily debilitating, so we usually look for ways to speed up the healing process by using home remedies. For alleviating symptoms, traditional folk remedies are often as effective as modern pharmaceutical preparations — if not more so — and generally, they cause fewer side effects as they are more »

Curative Powers of Healthy Clean Water

water small

The  presence of water on our planet made it possible for Life to come into existence several billion years ago The curative powers of healthy clean water have been known since ancient times: archaeologists have identified bathing places where early cave dwellers treated the sick. In its pure state, this most versatile of substances is extremely beneficial. In its liquid form we can drink it, bathe in it or soak a compress in it and apply it to the skin. more »

9 Natural Chemical Free Facial Toner Recipes

clarifying skin toner small

Beautiful Skin Loving Homemade Treats for your Skin. Natural chemical free facial toners  are lovely refreshing elixirs which can be applied to your skin after cleansing or facial masks to remove or dissolve any remaining residue. They are also used to help stimulate circulation, restore your skins acid mantle, hydrate and refine your skin and temporarily reduce your pore size. A homemade facial toner is lovely not only because it gently nourishes your skin, but you know it is organic, more »

Dried Apricot, Date and Coconut Ball


These Raw Dried Apricot, Date and Coconut Ball are Gluten Free Makes 22 small balls This is such a nutrient-dense snack, has no sugar other than what is naturally there and the dried apricot is rich in iron. The coconut provides  immune-boosting lauric acid and energy. 95 g (3 1/4 oz/3/4 cup) dried apricots, roughly chopped 55 g (2 oz/1/4 cup) fresh dates, pitted and roughly chopped 185 g (61/2 oz/1 cup) coconut butter 1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted, if more »

Banana, Oat and Dried Fruit Lunchbox Slice

Banana date and oat slice small

This Banana, Oat and Dried Fruit Slice is low gluten and dairy free Makes 16 slices This is a delicious, not-too-sweet treat. It’s gorgeously chewy with lots of moist fruit in it, so make sure to store it in a cool place or in the fridge when the weather is hot. 1 cup finely chopped dried fruit, including dried figs, apricots and raisins 150 g (5 1/2oz , 1 1/2 cups) rolled oats 130 g (4 3/4 oz, 1 cup) more »

5 Frugal Living Tips from my Grandma

girl riding an old bike small

Chances are I”ll bet your Grandma or Nanna knew a thing or two about frugal living. Embracing her tips won’t just  benefit your hip pocket : the planet, your family and your creativity will also profit. Here are my favorite top 6 frugal living tips passed down from my very wise Grandma Can you be green and frugal? The answer is a yes! With the GFC hitting everyone in the hip and the continued sustainability of our  planet at stak more »

Top 10 Home Made Face Masks and Face Scrubs


Claire’s top 10 Home Made Face Masks and Scrubs. This is my  top 10 all time  favorite  list of proven home made facial masks and scrubs designed to keep your precious skin beautiful, supple and youthful at any age. All my  recipes  use the  basic ingredients which are 100% chemical free that are sure to be  found in your pantry! 1)  My Nanni’s Time Perfected  Perfect Anti-Aging Face Mask   1  fresh, peeled and mashed kiwi fruit     2 tablespoons more »

Defend Yourself against Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

chemical sensitivity small

Multiple chemical sensitivity is present for most of us as the dangers of chemical exposure are chronic and play out over a lifetime but for others being surrounded by even the tiniest amounts of toxins can have a debilitating effect. Known as a 20th-century disease, multiple chemical sensitivity, MCS, this complex condition can make life a constant  trial as the suffer reacts to even the tiniest whiff of a chemical fragrance, solvent, car exhaust, preservatives in food or cosmetics, even more »

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