What Is Wheat And Gluten Intolerance?

99% of people who suffer from the symptoms of coeliac disease, may indeed be gluten intolerant. Studies show more than 55 diseases can be traced back to an intolerance to gluten…..Weight gain, digestive issues, headaches, allergies, bloating, low iron, aching joints and obesity are symptoms.

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signs of anemia

Battling Severe Iron Deficiency Anemia Symptoms

Some time ago I felt so fatigued, grumpy and out of energy, I’d be falling asleep on the sofa at 8pm! Severe iron deficiency anemia symptoms can leave your body feeling in a state of weakness and your energy levels are zapped. Choosing to eat diet high in raw foods, time for rest and the […]

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gift suggestions

12 Unique Presents: Ideas To Bring Joy

Finding Unique Christmas Presents which will be used for years to come needn’t be tricky. Each of these carefully chosen gifts are guaranteed to bring joy and a smile of appreciation. From delicious tasty treats to snuggly gorgeous flannel sheets, we have you covered:)

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How Eat Bugs And Hellish Rellish Turned Our Lives Around

What happens when the newspaper you have published for years goes bust? Read this life affirming story from Brenda and George, 2 amazing people who took the leap of faith, turning their lives around successfully. From award winning relishes, to published author on Amazon, the lemons have turned to lemonade:)

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Detox Your Body: 10 Detox Ideas To Remove 20 Pounds Of Poop

Did you know the average American has between 5-22 pounds of compacted fecal matter stuck in his digestive system? Lets take a look at how so much poop affects you and 10 ways you can detox your body and home. Detoxing your body can increase your energy levels, improve your thinking capability, stops aches and […]

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Chemical Free Carpet Care That Doesn’t Cost The Earth

My lovely friend Jessie wanted to share her experience in combating pet hair, asthma and allergies to pets and how she found a solution. The solution which meant asthma, allergies, children, adults and pets were all catered for and lived happily ever after… Over to Jessie. They say that necessity is the root of all […]

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Healthy Carrot Muffins

Indulge in these amazing healthy carrot muffins, using the pulp from your juicer as the main ingredient. These muffins are a healthy alternative to homemade baking. By using organic ingredients,  these tasty treats are an excellent choice to make for your family. The following recipe is one my husband Ray came up with after juicing […]

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Best Ever Paleo Almond, Banana & Chocolate Muffins

These decadently fudgy paleo almond, chocolate banana muffins are super rich and very very more-ish! Naturally sweetened with honey and being gluten-free and dairy-free, they are a delicious and relatively healthy treat. These paleo almond, chocolate banana muffins have a really nice solid fudgy texture! Whilst they are not fudge, when you eat them still […]

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Reached A CrossRoads In Your Life? Here’s How To Get Back On Track

Life’s Turning Points…. Turning Points: when you’re at a crossroads in Life and wondering which way to turn… Simply stop, take a deep breath and maybe a notepad and ask yourself some soul searching questions. The moment you make the decision to commit to a change, the fabric of your reality and existence alters forever. […]

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Learn About Food Additives And Their Hidden Dangers

Food additives are  a major problem in our society today. More then 3000 + substances are  added to foods for the purpose of preservation, coloring , texture, increase flavor  and improve shelf life. While each one  is legal to use, the question is, are they safe to  consume? The answer is a resounding NO! Read […]

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